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Featured Story Of The Month
The Serpents of Destiny by Sue Diver and Colleen Newton

A classic whodunit. When a Blaisdell family friend is murdered, it forces Caine and Peter to work alongside a no-nonsense investigator.

Rated: PG
Categories: Season 1-2

Most Recent
Anyplace Wild by Lisa Lovewell

It wouldn't be a Peter and Pop head to the mountains story if things didn't go really, really wrong. 



Rated: PG
Categories: Season 3-4

Great Expectations by Lisa Lovewell

Something unexpected happens between Peter and Jody, undermining their confidence in themselves and each other.  As usual, this is not exactly the ideal time for a strained friendship. ...

Rated: PG
Categories: Season 3-4

Story of the Moment
One Wrong Move by Linda S

Peter's job is full of violence and danger, just how dangerous is about to be found out and it might cost someone near and dear their life. 

This story is part of a trilogy,  Pawns...

Rated: PG
Categories: Pre-Series


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