Submission Rules

This website welcomes every KFTLC fandom writer, no matter their expertise, a home to showcase their talents. This website respects an author's right to write whatever genre (het, slash, discipline, etc) they choose. With that being said, before you submit a story, please read the following submission guidelines:


  • All stories must be placed in the proper category, rated correctly and have appropriate warnings. Remember, we want everyone to feel welcome on this website.
  • Slash writers, want a catagory for a pairing, just ask. It will be created.



KFTLC Archive Does Not Archive:

  • RPS - (Real People Stories). Actors/actresses, sport stars, music stars, politicians, or other famous people does not matter if real person or people is visiting an alternate reality, they are a big no-no. Why? I don't want to be sued!
  • Underage characters - Absolutely no underage characters involved in a 'consenting' sexual relationship with an adult.
  • That's all folks - Now start writing and uploading those kftlc stories.

If you have questions or concerns, please use the 'contact us' link and I will be glad to help you.

That's all, folks!