For Family and For Honor by BlackFury
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This is an Alternate Universe story. Peter Caine has a sister named Serena who is three years older than him. When the temple is destroyed by Master Dao and his mercenaries, she is told that Peter and their father, Kwai Chang Caine are dead. They in turn are told that she did not survive.

Serena is found by Master Ping Hai and Master Khan. What she then chooses to do will alter her life's path, forever. Later, when she is reunited with father and brother, what she chose to do will also alter her relationship with both of them, the one with her father being the most profoundly affected.

Note: <> denotes Chinese being spoken

Categories: Pre-Series
Characters: Caine, Kermit, Paul Blaisdell, Peter, The 101st, The Blaisdells
Crossover: None
Genres: Adventure, Angst, Discipline
Ship / Pairing: None
Warnings: Profanity
Challenges: None
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Series Type: Closed